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Symphony No. 7 [Tree of Life] addresses the purely spiritual aspects of the Jewish faith, removed from timely concerns; it is all about the spirit and its component parts – as pure and as rarefied as I could make it. The subtitle “Tree of Life” represents an inverted tree, with its roots in heaven – the province of God, and the limbs and leaves, God’s created earth – his people and all living things. The substance of the message is that we must strive to remember that our spiritual essence comes from above, from God. Only then will we forever be connected to the Sefirot, which the Creator meant us to possess from the beginning of time. The Sefirot, in essence, comprise the ten-part constituent life force of God.

The two Sefirot soundclips portray contrasting and alternative sides of the ten mystical emanations of the Holy Spirit: Hesed (Grace), which features solo violin and string orchestra and Hokhmah (Wisdom), scored for full orchestra.

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